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Scott's Background, History, Biography

Monday October 10, 2022 comments

I want to share a bit about my history – my fabrication experience started as a childhood hobby, and continued into my future career as a stainless steel fabricator with 35 years' experience. I’m an inventor, engineer, self-proclaimed chef and BBQ pitmaster, and a serial entrepreneur. I’ve helped mentor other inventors on developing their awesome ideas, and I’ve patented two ideas, working on a third, and brought four of my own products to market. I have called Fort Collins Colorado “home” for the past... Read More

Welcome To The Shaker Maker Custom Mason Jar Lids

Monday October 10, 2022 comments

Hello! I'm Scott Thieman, an inventor, engineer, self-proclaimed chef and BBQ postmaster, and serial entrepreneur. Thanks for visiting The Shaker Maker website! I'll be telling you about our stainless steel metal lids that fit on mason jars, our Kickstarter campaign, our journey, and more! I grew up on a farm five miles from town, and spent a lot of time building things with my dad's hand tools. Later, I started work later in the sheetmetal industry, where I learned all aspects of fabrication. After 20 years, I launched my own very... Read More


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